Netherton Farm – Aberargie

story Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd were contacted on June 2016 regarding the construction of a waterwell for a new build distillery at Aberargie, Perthshire.

Following this we consulted Doug Bates of Geodivining International. Doug is a water diviner and speciailises in finding the best locations for maximum yield potential.

After constructing a 100 meter borehole a yield test proved this well was capable of producing in excess of 37,000 litres per hour.

In a matter of weeks, clean water samples had been obtained and the final installation was completed (see left).

For more information on private water supplies please contact our team on 01698 711177, we’d be happy to help.

Raeburn Goes Super Sonic!


Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical LTD is excited to announce the purchase of a new Sonic Drilling Rig to add to its industry leading fleet of high performing drilling rigs.

The LS250 Minisonic Rig model has the capability to drill to depths of greater than 60m. It is track mounted and combined without specialised in-house Low Ground Pressure capabilities will allow us to reach any desired drilling locations.

The introduction of our sonic rig to your job will see you, the Client reap, the benefits and enable Raeburn Drilling to complete your job more efficiently and cost effectively.

The sonic rig has the ability to drill through almost any material so greatly reduces the risk of having to re-drill a hole should an obstruction be encountered. It will also complete boreholes at least 3 times quicker than conventional drilling methods.
Sonic drilling not only allows holes to be completed quicker and more efficiently but because of the greatly reduced waste generated (up to 80%) compared to Cable Tool and Rotary the high cost of waste disposal is minimal.

The unique way that the sonic rig works through vibration of the core head allows the sonic rig to drill without air or water for most soft to medium hard formations. The unique calibration of vibration, rotation and downward forces exerted on the formation by the head can be adjusted and fine-tuned by our expert operators depending on the rock lithology and hardness to optimise drilling rate, again reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Due to the unique drill pipe loading operation on the sonic rig manual handing is greatly reduced making the whole operation safe and efficient.

Next time you think sonic, think Raeburn.

New Drive On Access Rig.

StoryAt the beginning of July we welcomed a new drive-on access rig to our fleet. This will allow us to engage in competitive mobilisation costs throughout the U.K.


With over 30 drilling rigs ranging from drive- on access to low ground pressure machines, were sure to have something to meet your requirements.


Stay posted for more news as the second one is on the way!




Knevocklaw Farm – Darvel

In early 2015 Raeburn Drilling were contacted by Mr Kerr of Knevocklaw Farm regarding the drilling of a private water supply. Mr Kerr had seen great success of his neighbours boreholes which we had recently just drilled in the past months.

After contacting Doug Bates of Geodivining International we were able to identify a suitable drilling location. Doug’s specialities involve finding the highest yielding spots throughout the property to drill.

UnknownFollowing this we drilled the well & accomplished a flow rate of over 3,000 litres per hour. Mr Kerr followed this up by installing a 3 phase submersible borehole pump which feeds a tank on his hill – a very impressive setup.

For more information on private water supplies please contact our team on 01698 711177.



Raeburn Drilling





Craigton Farm – Bridge of Cally

Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical were consulted from Doug Bates of Geodivining International regarding the drilling of a waterwell at Craigton Farm, Bridge of Cally.

After estimating a total depth of 60 meters we were able to accomplish an adequate supply prior to that and stop the drilling early at 50 meters. At this, the client got a flow rate of just over 1,000 litres per hour.

We were then able to install a 3 phase inverter driven stainless steel pump which will work on pressure and make our clients supply much better than before.

For more information on installing private water supplies please give us a call on 01698 711177, we would be happy to help.




Hammerlands, Moffat – Pump Installation

We recently completed the pump installation at the Hammerlands center, Moffat.

With high yields and a pump installed to 95 meters the center will have no struggle for water and no water bills.

For more information on obtaining a private water supply please contact us on 01698 711177.

West Newton Farm, Newmilns

Raeburn Drilling were contacted by the owners of West Newton Farm, Newmilns about obtaining a private water supply. It was after the success of the neighbouring farms well that they decided to go ahead with the drilling.

In late 2015 we had a survey carried out by Doug Bates of Geodivining International. From this a successful flow rate of 2000 litres per hour was accomplished.

If you are interested in obtaining a private water supply then please contact our waterwell team on 01698 711177.

Raeburn Drilling Visits Chapelhall Primary Shool

Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd were recently asked to provide a presentation on water and its importance for Chapelhall Primary School.

Mr Raeburn joined the class and spoke about water and its importance in our society. The class who were currently studying the topic of “water” were fantastically responsive to the presentation.

We also talked about the waterwell service that we provide and how to become involved in this line of work.

We would like to thank Chapelhall Primary School for inviting us & look forward to working with them again in the future.

Chesterfield Caravan Park

We recently installed a private water supply for Chesterfield Caravan Park, Berwickshire. After being invited to drill by Doug Bates of Geodivining International, a successful well was drilled with a flow rate in excess of 50,000 litres per hour. Pic 2

We are set to comission the borehole around the middle of may & expect to see great results and long term savings for the caravan park.

For more information on private water supplies please contact us on 01698 711177.

James Raeburn

Strathclyde University MSc Hydrogeology 2016

Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd have supplied testing pumping equipment to Strathclyde University’s MSc Hydrogeology team for a number of years. It is our pleasure to provide them with the appropriate equipment for the students to learn first hand on site.


Professor Bob and PhD Student André Brunier of Strathclyde University  provided us with the following feedback:


“The success of the MSc Hydrogeology at Strathclyde University isn’t just the coursework, the lectures, the exams, the real learning comes from the Hydrogeology Field Camp the MSc students undertake in the Dumfries area.  The students are asked to perform a range of practical learning including pumping tests and a Step Drawdown Test. For them it’s a unique opportunity to apply what they learn in class in the “Real World” understanding all the difficulties associated with reliable data collection.
Raeburn Drilling actively supports this intense week of work, and without their helpfulness and assistance, the field camp would not provide the learning opportunities to the students.  A big thanks goes to Raeburn Drilling staff, you have undoubtedly helped in the training a new generation of hydrogeologists.”


Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd would like to thank you for the feedback and look forward to working with you again next year.